Top 5 Cutest Hybrid Dog Breeds

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Back in the day, if your dog wasn’t a specific breed, it was a mutt. The concept of cross-breeding different dogs isn’t new. People have been doing it for centuries to make the ideal dog for hunting, providing security or search-and-rescue. Today, the cutest hybrid dog breeds are overpriced mutts that are ridiculously adorable and are rated among the most popular mixed-breed dogs by sites like and the Mother Nature Network.
Top 5 Cutest Hybrid Dog Breeds


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When one animal looks like the smaller version of a bigger animal, it's cute. The puggle is part pug and part beagle, giving you a dog that looks like a mini-mastiff. This hybrid is about the size of a beagle and has the same amount of energy. Puggles love to socialize and are friendly, so you don’t have worry about them around kids and other pets. Its cuteness also comes from its occasional snoring and snorting, playfulness and small size.

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