Top 5 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

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Oftentimes, cats are the chosen pet for apartment dwellers, but what if you're not a cat person? Don't despair. Fido lovers have options, too. When it comes to apartment living, it's all about picking the perfect breed for both your personality and living space, as some dogs are better equipped to live in apartments than others. From Boston terriers to pugs, the dogs on this list are consistently rated as the best apartment companions for dog lovers.
Top 5 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living


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Another big dog option is the greyhound. While this well-known racing dog may seem like an odd choice, its easygoing nature makes it the perfect canine roommate. Greyhounds are trainable, calm and adapt well to new and different environments. Like the Great Dane, greyhounds are also couch potatoes, content to curl up on the couch or bed next to you. When it comes to exercise, a quick 10-minute stroll outdoors or run around the dog park will suit this racing champion just fine. As an added bonus, their short hair makes for low maintenance since only minimal grooming is required.

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