Top 5 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

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Oftentimes, cats are the chosen pet for apartment dwellers, but what if you're not a cat person? Don't despair. Fido lovers have options, too. When it comes to apartment living, it's all about picking the perfect breed for both your personality and living space, as some dogs are better equipped to live in apartments than others. From Boston terriers to pugs, the dogs on this list are consistently rated as the best apartment companions for dog lovers.
Top 5 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living


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When it comes to bulldogs, both the English and French bulldog are especially great apartment companions. The English bulldog is the bigger of the two, weighing an average of 40 to 50 pounds, while the French bulldog tops out at around 20 pounds. Both are affectionate, loyal and a bit lazy. These couch potatoes tend to prefer lounging around the house to long walks outside and are the perfect cuddle buddy while watching TV, reading a book or taking a quick nap. These kid-friendly and quiet dogs also require little grooming and exercise. A 10-minute walk in the morning or evening is usually sufficient outdoor activity. However, make sure your apartment has air conditioning, since these breeds are prone to overheating and heat stroke; some also develop respiratory problems.

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