The 5 Most Common Ways House Fires Start Images
It's a sad truth: Home fires kill about 2,500 people every year, and injure 12,600 more. A fire can get out of control in just 30 seconds, and once a room is engulfed, the air at eye level is heated to a scorching 600 degrees Fahrenheit. That's hot enough to burn your lungs when inhaling. The good news is that home fires can be prevented.
The 5 Most Common Ways House Fires Start

4Electrical Wiring

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Those overloaded electric sockets are more than eyesores. Faulty and improperly used electrical equipment is fourth leading cause of house fires, responsible for $817 million in property damage annually. Electrical fires are also caused by frayed wires, overloaded extension cords and wall sockets, and faulty electrical equipment. Look for the UL logo or the logo of another nationally recognized laboratory when shopping for anything you'll need to plug in, and use extension cords within reason.

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