5 Ways to Create Space in a Small Apartment

Rade Kovac/Shutterstock
When you live in a small apartment, it can sometimes feel as though the walls are closing in around you, but there’s no reason a small space has to feel small. With the right décor and strict paring down of furniture and clutter, your small apartment can feel open and spacious.
5 Ways to Create Space in a Small Apartment

2Go Up, Way Up

Vertical space is often wasted, because you tend to items at eye level or lower, but your walls offer a ton of space for storage and décor without suffocating the room. With items on the lower half of your walls, your apartment feels cramped. However, if you use the vertical space on the walls, you open things up so you can breathe again. A tall bookshelf that goes up to the ceiling is a perfect example of using that vertical space. Floating shelves are also handy space-savers.

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